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Engraved Wedding or Family Name Sign

Engraved Wedding or Family Name Sign

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 Welcome your wedding guests with our rustic wooden Wedding Sign, handmade with love and laser-engraved with a 3D last name for a lasting, eye-catching impression. Adorned with flowers or simply enjoyed in its minimalist beauty, it's the perfect timeless memento for your special day. When the wedding day concludes, it makes a gorgeous way to welcome guests to your home.

Our personalized welcome signs are made out of our wood of choice,  premium birch plywood. The 3D letters are made from 1/4” thick Birch. Remember that each cut of wood is different and the grain and knots will be unique to that particular cut of wood.

The sign shown measures 20 inches in diameter and is ready for you to prop up or add hanging hardware.

Use the text box to tell us which color to use on the dates and names. 

Example: Johnson in white. Established date in white

We offer the following colors:

white                      pink polish

black                      hunter green

cameo pink            canary yellow

sweet potato          lavender

mountain blue        leaf green

bright magenta      brown

Gold and silver lettering are available upon request. Contact us if you don't see what you need.

Important info

A few facts about different items:


Stove covers:

❤️ - No decals are used on stove covers. We laser engrave and depending on the style ordered will hand paint the engraving for that little extra pop!

❤️ - If this is a gift, a flat style works best. It is the most forgiving as far as measuring and can also be used as a serving tray.

❤️ - Made from quality materials

❤️ - The flat style has bar handles. There are 3 colors. Box style has handles notched on each side.

❤️ - Comes with felt feet if you purchase the flat versions (to be installed)

❤️ - They are designed to fit a standard range. Specialty sizes must be measured as they may not fit.

❤️ - Only use when the stove is cool and not turned on. Use common sense with this one :-)

❤️ - Not flame retardant. This is wood. Do not use when the stove is on or warm

❤️ - Not food safe. Use a barrier between our product and food.

❤️ - Handmade in the USA by a small, family-owned woodworking business! Feel free to check us out!

Custom orders are not refundable. This includes size and lettering. Measure your stove and check your spelling.

Towel racks and coat racks:

❤️  Are made from baltic birch and either painted or stained. Stained racks are clear coated.

Decor, benches and tables:

❤️ Most decor pieces are handmade unless noted.

Care information

All products:

Please do not use harsh cleaning pads or abrasive cleaner. A soft, lightly damp cloth works best. 

Stove covers: Never use on a warm/hot stove. These are not flame retardant.

Not intended for food prep. Do not leave wet items on the stove cover.

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